Christopher Beatty is a composer, sound designer, multi-instrumentalist, and actor with a penchant for the absurd. He focuses on creating aural ‘textures’ filled with found object percussion, classical instrumentation, and non-tonal sounds. Coming from a background of modern chamber music and a wide-array of contemporary styles, Christopher’s music, at times, blankets every corner of the theater in thick wool, while in others, barely audible fragments of sound sneak into your subconscious. Preferring stark contrast in sound, you can expect harsh, abrasive, and dissonant tones to be offset with melodic, delicate lines. Recent projects include Defunkt Theater’s Smokefall, The Reformers We’re All Gonna Die, Fuse Theatre Ensemble’s Cabaret, and the Spectravagasm series.


“… live Middle Eastern-tinged music in its key dramatic scenes, resulting in a score that’s more tasteful than that of most actual blockbusters.” – Tree Palmedo for Willamette Week – Portland Actors Ensemble’s Antony and Cleopatra

“…astounding.” “Chris Beatty’s sound design … isn’t afraid to be soundless—the oppressive silence of the play’s quietest moments simultaneously lulls you into a false sense of security and makes your muscles tighten as you anticipate the worst.” Bennett Campbell Ferguson for Oregon Arts Watch – Theatre Vertigo’s A Map of Virtue